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My house music outputs can be found on  labels such as Third Ear Recordings, King Street Sounds/Nite Grooves, West End Records, Soundmen on Wax, Abstract Architecture, and Improper Touch.

A_A is a project/band led by DJ/producer/musician, Satoshi Tomiie.  

In Satoshi's words, "A_A is a project Inspired by Electric Jazz, Experimental Noise / Avant-garde and the stripped down elements from the music I’ve been loving and creating from the beginning – Electronic and House Music. Current project members are myself and Nao Gunji and the name stands for ABSTRACT_ARCHITECTURE"

As of May 2023, there have been 4 EPs and 1 album over 4 years, which can be found in links below.

A_A bandcamp

Yoyaku distribution

Dopeus is a deep house project that tries to capture the essence of an emptying-dance floor somewhere between 4am ~ 10am, the feeling of the last few records after a long night when we resist the end to . . . . 

The Getaway EP was released from Third Ear Recordings.   RA review here.

The second EP is out from Improper Touch,

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